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Rave reviews

"I have flown BLAH airlines." — Terry B., 48. Omaha, Nebraska

"There are peanuts on the plane." — Chloe H., 9 3/4. Portland, Oregon

"The windows can be opened or closed." — Gwen G., 68. Phoenix, Arizona

"They got me to Seattle. I'll give them that." — Megan P., 31. Saratosa, Florida

"The name says it all." — Connie C., 54. Puyallup, Washington

"If the only point in air travel is to get to your destination eventually, then I guess you could say that BLAH gets the job done." — Malilk B., 27. Los Angeles, CA

"I needed to get from Newark to LAX on a plane and so I booked with BLAH Airlines. I got there, just like they said. I will travel with them again when I need to get back to Newark." — Kirk F., age unknown. London, UK